The beauty of our high quality furniture and accessories can be maintained with the right use and care. With a little care and maintenance you can prolong the life of your furniture. Follow these instructions to make sure it stays in the best shape for as long as possible.



Try always to remove stains quickly before they do any permanent damage to the furniture piece. Avoid placing the piece direct to sunlight or close a strong heat source. Wood is a natural material, so it will change in color over time, the same is applied to fabrics, although we only use great quality fabrics. The general exposure to dust also weakens the fabric. Try to cleaning it regularly, to prolong is life.

When moving the furniture piece, please lift the piece, don’t push or pull it, to avoid damaging the legs and mountings. Avoid improper use such as sitting on the back or armrests, tilting the seats on their back legs, putting feet on the furniture or standing on it. Use protection under damp, hot or colored objects to avoid permanent stains. Be careful not to scratch or damage the surface with sharp objects.



Please note that solid wood may be subject to color variations due to some types of artificial lights or UV rays such as sunlight. Generally, lighter woods tend to become darker with age and darker woods fade. This is a natural process and it’s not a defect of the material.

In case of fluids spill, they should be removed immediately, using a paper tissue or a dry cotton cloth, if necessary a damp cloth can also be used. If the surface feels dry and rough to the touch, oiling the surface is recommended. With general use of the furniture, this becomes apparent over time. The treatment should be applied with an impregnated cloth.

Avoid using detergents, as they seal the stain in and make subsequent repairs more difficult. Avoid using rubbing cream or scrubbing pads, as they may scratch the surface.


The metals such as brass, copper and stainless steel used by MR. NORTH are not sealed. Liquids should be removed immediately with a clean and dry cloth. Polishing products are allowed for cleaning and care of the metals, the contact with the surrounding wooden surfaces must be absolutely avoided, this may cause the wood discoloring. Avoid using rubbing cream or scrubbing pads, as they may scratch the surface.



Liquids should be removed immediately with a dry or damp cloth, to avoid permanent staining of the surface.



For our upholstered furniture and accessories, MR. NORTH only selects fabrics from leading European manufacturers. Never use concentrated detergents or bleach, ammonia, optical brighteners or soap intended for hard surfaces. For cleaning, we recommend dry cleaning for all upholstery products or instead, a careful use of mild, neutral detergents. Avoid rubbing the material hard as this could result in loss of color and damage the fabric. For cleaning, always take the individual care instructions into consideration and the fabric manufacturer's cleaning indications.



For MR. NORTH products and accessories in leather whole skin hides are used. Natural markings such as creases, scratches or minor blemish are signs of quality and authenticity, which identify each piece as unique. MR. NORTH uses highest quality leather available for different utilization purposes. The leather should only be cleaned with a dry and soft cloth. Direct exposure to sunlight should also be avoided. Do not use sharp objects, strong detergents or solvents on the leather.