It cannot miss in your living room!

The cocktail cabinet is becoming a must-have, an object to be owned at all costs and to be displayed in a corner of your precious house. It's back in fashion. After years spent going out to crowded bars, drinking poor quality cocktails while eating terrible food, finally the trend is changing. It's a return to the love for our home, for a refined atmosphere, silence  and gentleness. Our house can give us unique moments made of shared chats, laughter and emotions. In an era when everything is going fast, getting a moment of intimacy is a great luxury.

With that in mind, Studio Gud has designed Spring, the perfect cocktail-cabinet for your home, and do not forget to fill it with a bottle of red Vermouth, one of Campari, and one of dry Martini. A bottle of Cognac, one of Gin, and one of Whiskey. Cocktail biscuits, salted almonds and chocolates. A shaker, an ice bucket, coasters and glasses for every wish. Invite friends in your living room, play some good jazz music and offer them the first glass. Make them feel special, just like you are.